26 03 2009

A moment to remember

What did this title say? It means that I will tell you an unforgettable moment in my life. Actually, I am not able enough to tell you with this word chains. But, I will try to share to all of you about that, although you can’t feel it maybe. Maybe I can tell you a little story in my life. So, don’t hope too much!
Ok, this story began from my last year in Senior High School. Oops, maybe I will tell you about my school first. Yeah, my beloved school was Senior High School Number 1 Padang. There, I met people with their own character, especially in my class. There were from the fattest to the slim one, there were from the youngest to the oldest(I mean from their face), there were from very diligent to the laziest person. It was very complete. Stop! That’s enough for the introduction.
Maybe the nicest experience in my last year in my SHS(Senior High School) is Bukittinggi time. What did it mean? It happened when “Bedah Kampus UI(University of Indonesia)”. We got the ticket to go to there. But, my major direction was to go far away from all of school’s activities. I wanted to relax my self from all of it. And, as you know, I got it.
We went from Padang to Bukittinggi together. It’s the first time for me. I went to far away from my home with my friends, talked together, laughed together, and eat many foods together. It was so unforgettable to me. We talked about everything, it would be start from my school, my friend’s hobbies and even their secret that I was never heard before, until about their boyfriend and girlfriend, and etc. I can’t tell all of it. We laughed together, made a joke, took a photo together, all of thing we did together at that time. In the night, we enjoyed the nicest view in Bukittinggi, under the Jam Gadang, we walked, talked again and again, and we slept together (not with boys of course). It was very excited.
Now, I can’t tell you more, because nothing can be drawn with this words and sentences. I miss them very much. I want to replay that day again. And I’m sure I can, sure!




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